Wedding Party

The Bride’s Side

Parents of the Bride

Shelley Ann Caspary and Randall John Farley

Maid of Honor

Hannah Marie Farley – Bride’s sister


Kelsey Beatrice Kesman – Bride’s college best friend and partner in crime

Alyssa Rae Figgins –  Bride’s High school best friend and sista from another mista

Drew Elyse Elliot – Bride’s sister… basically.

Pamela Joan Dillon –  Bride’s future Sister-in-law

The Groom’s Side 

Parents of the Groom

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Terri Dillon

Best Man

John Henry Dillon – Groom’s Broski


Garrett John Spears – Groom’s Best Friend / Former underling

Michael David Farley – Groom’s future Brother-in-law

Jacob Glenn Farley – Groom’s future Brother-in-law

Flower Grannies

Barb Farley – Bride’s Fraternal Grandmother

Kathie Caspary – Bride’s Maternal Grandmother